Doing what's best for our students, our community and our society is our focus.

Historically, institutions of higher learning have focused on retention and graduation rates to measure success. Add a few names of distinguished alumni and the story was complete. But, that isn't good enough. Wasn't then. Isn't now. With all due respect, students who enter a university with the goal of making a difference after receiving their degrees are being shortchanged. By the time they're deemed ready, the world will have undoubtedly changed. Instead, we ask: Why wait? Start making an impact now.

At Capital University, we measure success differently. We prefer learner to learned because we believe learning is always a beginning, never an ending. To be learned implies a fait accompli. But a learner travels along a continuum that stretches across life stages, career changes, neighborhoods, difference, boundaries and challenges.

From their first day on campus as learners, our students begin preparing for jobs that become careers – careers that have meaning and fulfillment. They work toward becoming Purpose-ReadyTM – prepared for a life driven by a deep sense of purpose and lived at the speed of change. And they become accomplished at embracing ideas and inventions not yet considered or imagined.

As a community of learners, we see the world as a progression of opportunities to inquire, explore, practice and work through the discomfort of not knowing. We collaborate, theorize, try, risk, learn, solve and triumph.

Our world needs more learners – people who choose to see a challenge not as a barrier or something to be feared, but as something new to learn. Leaders who choose to see difference as an opportunity to gain new understanding. Social innovators who choose to inspire belief in the potential we can realize together. Because there's nothing we can't accomplish if we support, encourage, teach, learn from and work with one another.


Developing leaders for the sake of the world.

Our world needs leaders who are not only prepared for the uphill climb, but capable of building staircases and guiding others to the top. Capital University proclaims its commitment to developing these visionaries.

The journey begins by expanding our students' world beyond themselves – providing a safe environment to discover what they value and establish habits of heart and mind. The desire is for our students to appreciate the views, needs and capabilities of others – to be able to converse rather than argue – to see and help rather than look away and move on. Our student and graduates will identify, embrace, and be confident in their ability to engage with others while recognizing their role in leading their community, places of work, and humanity to be better than today.

Capital University is positioned perfectly to increase our students' impact by defining and implementing our Purpose-ReadyTM Curriculum to expose, teach and exercise skills and attributes that enable each student to discern their specific purpose throughout life and work. To be purpose-ready is to embrace an identity that includes the lifelong pursuit of knowledge, faith and aptitude, living life with empathy and integrity.

With degree in hand, it is our belief Capital graduates will look for more than a job, more than a career. Our hope is for them to pursue their purpose every day of their lives – in professions of purpose – working toward something greater than themselves.

The unique gifts each individual brings to the table fill us with joy, knowing the hope we see in each other can make the world a better place for all. We celebrate learning wherever and whenever it occurs. In the classroom, community or athletic field. In formal or informal settings.

Building on our proven track record of high-impact teaching and learning practices, Capital will amplify experience-centered learning to deepen our impact, not only on our students, but also on our broader community. Through in- and out-of-class community engagement, internships, community-based research and more, with particular focus on the Columbus community, students and faculty will explore clear intersections among high-impact practices, social understanding, problem-solving and neighborhood empowerment.

The first of its kind in Central Ohio, Capital's Bonner Leader Program connects Capital University and Columbus to a national network of colleges, universities, and communities dedicated to providing students the opportunity to attend college with a reduced financial burden, while simultaneously collaborating with local citizens and leaders to elevate the communities around them. Because the opportunities are real, in-depth, and life-changing, we will build the Bonner Leader Program as a self-sustaining model of community learning and leadership, social mobility and brightening for generations to come.

Students are encouraged not to wait until graduation to begin making a difference. While working toward their degrees, students monitor and measure the impact they're making. It's something we call an Impact Résumé, a powerful example of the imprint they've made on the world while at Capital – and a compelling reason for employers and others to believe their success will continue.

With degree in hand, it is our belief Capital graduates will look for more than a job, more than a career. Our hope is for them to pursue their purpose every day of their lives – in professions of purpose – working toward something greater than themselves.

Core areas of exploration and focus will be:
  • Career and Life Strategy Programming
  • Community-Engaged Learning
  • Ethical Leaders for the Future
  • Communications in a Changing World
Committing to individuality, wholeness and inclusion.

When the incoming class of new students walks through the gates of Capital University, each is experiencing a unique set of emotions – from fear to excitement and everything in between. This occurs at every institution of higher learning, but our difference is this: At Capital, all who enter are invited to bring all of who they are.

We strive to make sure being different feels incredible. We reach across race, religion, culture, ability, socioeconomics, gender identity, sexual orientation, politics, and world views to reward the risk-takers, those willing to step outside their comfort zones. We don't try to fit our students into some sort of mold or shape them into something they're not. They'll feel incredible because they are – because they belong – because they're much more than accepted for who they are. They're prized – a gift to the world like no other.

This difference must be experienced to be believed. Many say it. Fewer accomplish it. But it happens at Capital – and has for some time. It's something we call CapFam.

CapFam is a feeling. A sense of belonging. A quiet confidence knowing you're part of something special. It's Capital's leadership, students, parents, alumni, faculty, partners, and fans who stay connected for decades, not semesters. It's a group distinguished by more than majors, degrees, and diplomas. It's the belief in Purple Power and an opportunity for a lifetime of engagement.

We will share this with the world, becoming a beacon of inclusion, pluralism, and support. We will be active and intentional in our engagement with and facilitation of difference dialogue through our curriculum, co- curriculum, community leadership, and conversations – intellectual, social, cultural, geographical. We will foster connections among individuals to increase awareness, content knowledge, cognitive sophistication, and empathic understanding of the complex ways individuals interact within systems, neighborhoods and institutions.

We strive to make sure being different feels incredible. We reach across race, religion, culture, ability, socioeconomics, gender identity, sexual orientation, politics, and world views to reward the risk-takers, those willing to step outside their comfort zones.

Our students benefit from Customizable Interdisciplinary Learning opportunities – many of them pursuing bivocational, or dual degrees. This creative flexibility is appealing and relevant as we prepare students for the future of work. So we also will extend this practice to those considering a return to study. Through Graduate Learning Fusion, our graduate students will have the freedom to select courses relevant to their life and work from across the full array of our graduate offerings in professions of purpose: business, music, education, nursing and health, law, and theology. In doing so, we will extend a continuum of learning and networking to brighten every stage of life and work.

Regardless when it occurs, when Capital students or alumni cross your path, you can be assured they'll be continuing on their way to becoming the best possible version of their one-of-a-kind selves. Always pursuing knowledge, faith, and aptitude. Living life with empathy and integrity. Recognizing their role in leading their community, places of work, and humanity to be better than today.

Core areas of exploration and focus will be:
  • Intentional Inclusion and Belonging
  • Student Empowerment Pathways
  • Boundaryless Learning Opportunities
Educating leaders and practitioners for a healthier community.

This moment in time finds us both more “connected” yet more alone than ever before. Studies are now showing us our teens and young professionals are lonelier than any other age group. Millennials and Digital Natives are more versed in the latest technology, but they are also the least likely to have in-person social interactions. People are entering college, and the workforce, reporting greater stress and anxiety, and they often lack the coping skills to deal with such issues.

We have the world at our fingertips but have constructed a digital facade that promotes illusions and limits our relationships. We don't sit, talk and engage with one another like we used to. Relationships are weakening. Communication is failing. Humanity is vulnerable.

Capital University recognizes that health is an integration of mind, body and spirit. Good health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity; good health also requires physical, psychological, and social well-being.

Capital's commitment to educating leaders and practitioners for a healthier community places an emphasis on creating mutually beneficial and deeply rewarding engagements across life stages. Our plans include a state-of-the-art Wellness Center that incorporates services for and conducts research on resiliency, healthy coping behaviors, mindfulness, creativity, nutrition, stress management and other aspects of lifelong well-being that promote a healthier community.

Our vision for this space includes integration of traditional and emerging teaching and learning spaces in an array of integrated disciplines at the core of the sciences, physical and emotional well-being. Programming and research will focus on improving quality of life in these areas and will be conducted in both individual and group settings, with expansive focus on holistic health and well-being from early childhood to active aging.

We will serve as an authority and clearinghouse for best practices on lifelong health and well-being. Students and faculty together will grow the body of knowledge and best practice on the need for and effectiveness of wellness programing and coaching for all ages. New integrated academic programs will prepare students for current and future careers in health and well-being. With an emphasis on wellness across life stages, we will become more fully human – connected, caring, and present with others.

Core areas of exploration and focus will be:
  • Science and Health Facility
  • Holistic Health and Well-Being Across the Lifespan
  • Thought Leadership on Social Fabric
Engaging fully with opportunities in our capital city.

In the history of Capital University and the Columbus region, there has never been a better time for us to be so closely connected. There's a bond that ties us together. Just imagine our potential if our neighborhoods were more connected, more aligned and more empowering of one another. Imagine if our contributions were more about a shared purpose than a shared T-shirt and a photo opp. Imagine if our eyes were opened to fully see others – right next door – and we refused to close them. This is what makes a community a community.

Our commitment to experiential learning will continue to extend beyond our Bexley and Downtown campuses to serve Columbus and its many neighborhoods. Our plans include the creation of hubs of community empowerment placed strategically in neighborhoods where barriers to hope and social mobility exist. Capital students can learn through applied experience and cross-cultural exchanges, while working with communities to create solutions that improve lives and mobilize all citizens of Columbus in various stages of life, learning and career.

Capital University is Columbus's Purpose University. We're a family, not a nation. Our size, location and mission, and our uncommon blend of liberal arts, professional and graduate programs make us nimble and responsive. This positions us uniquely as a source of social mobility and community empowerment.

Capital provides a powerful pathway to a Purpose-Ready workforce in Columbus and beyond. Through robust internships, CapFam employment networks and a continuum of educational and professional betterment, our alumni will continue to fuel our community employers that make a difference.

In a “show what you know” economy, where the nature of work is changing, people are working longer, and lines between life and work continue to blur, Capital has the opportunity to create a coalition of educators and partners who will create skill and competency-based educational offerings that address market needs as they shift.

Whether it's for the C-Suite, the next freelance gig or a career transition, Capital will develop niche programming to sharpen fluidity skills and build knowledge that enables employees, leaders and seasoned professionals to seamlessly enter a work place, add value, transition out and then enter again – smoothly, gracefully and with cultural competence. Competency-based educational programming could include:

  • Finding meaning in work as work changes;
  • Ethical leadership and decision-making in the tech revolution;
  • Managing multiple freelance careers;
  • Building strong organizational cultures across difference; and
  • Critical thinking, logic, history and cultural competency for emerging leaders.

With local nonprofits as our partners, we will develop “Purpose Place” Collaboratories to lift up our neighborhoods. With the Columbus Region's corporate citizens as our collaborators, we will deepen corporate social responsibility programming for greater impact.

As we attract and empower passionate people – students, faculty and community partners, we will embrace opportunities to extend a hand of partnership and an open mind to what we can learn from each other. We will engage in essential conversations, promote ethics, and engineer technological advancements for the betterment of humanity, not the omission of it. Together, we will lead the effort to strengthen the social fabric of our community – building hope and a brighter world for all.

Core areas of exploration and focus will be:
  • Community Engagement
  • Corporate Partnerships
  • Attracting and Empowering New Student Populations