Silent No More

Religion and Psychology Senior Luchauna Smith Finds Her Voice Surveying the Silenced

By Nichole Johnson

Luchauna Smith was in the third grade lining up for recess the first time someone made her feel bad about being different. "Why is your nose so big?" the boy asked. With the instincts of a shy, self-conscious child, she shrunk inside herself and silently bought his premise. "Why is my nose so big?" she asked herself in front of the mirror that night. "And why are my .... Read more

Moving at the Speed of Music

Capital Bonner Leader Helps Launch Music Technology Mentorship Program in his Hometown

By Nichole Johnson

Jahlani Ben-Levi isn't afraid to say he wants it all. Music is in his blood. Technology is in his instincts. And Columbus is in his heart. This son of the South Side and rising sophomore at Capital University has more than big plans for his future as a recording engineer. He has a strategy. Someday his success will enable him to even the playing field for people .... Read more

Hope Sings Eternal

Musical Collaboration Brings Hope to National Conversation on Mental Health, Depression, Suicide

By Heather Lofy

For 100 years, music has been an important part of Capital University’s history and holistic approach to higher education – inspiring, connecting and bringing hope to each student performer and each audience graced by their art. Recently, the Capital University Chapel Choir has been spreading .... Read more